Susan Currie

Licensed Massage Therapist (MA#57485)

Susan returns to our office from Hawaii, bringing over 20 years of experience, training and practice. Her specialties include chronic pain pattern reduction and a return to health from injury, accident or illness. Her commitment to your improved range of motion and reduction in pain is 100%, and she will customize each treatment as needed, allowing your body to find greater ease and freedom.


  • Pre/Perinatal
  • Swedish
  • Neuro Muscular Therapy
  • Syntropy, a Craniosacral System
  • Reiki (Energy Healing)
  • Medical Massage (Treatment specific; deep tissue system)
  • Lomi Pohaku (a Hawaiian treatment, using hot rocks for deep relaxation and stress reduction)

Susan’s Availability

  • Fri:  1pm  –  5pm